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English : If you think the planet is not for sale, this is your chance to speak up !
Le mardi 25 mars 2003.

If you think the planet is not for sale, this is your chance to speak up !

The G-8, the club of the 7 richest countries in the world, plus Russia, acts as the de facto government of the world without any legitimacy. It has not been given a mandate by the peoples of the planet, but it still imposes its choices and directions for world "progress". It implements neoliberal policies which increase the concentration of capital to the benefit of a handful whilst jeopardizing the jobs and living conditions of the vast majority, leading to cultural exclusion and the destruction of the environment.

Don't just let those in power have their say ! It's time we organised a democratic "G-world" to counterbalance this unelected G-8.

A "G-world for the environment."

The G-8 environment ministers are holding their next summit at Angers, in France's Loire Valley on the 25th, 26th and 27th of April 2003.

This first summit will be mirrored by one held to explore and promote alternative environmental world views.

This forum will be open to all those who wish a fair and just world where a balance is struck between the needs of people and their planet. Exhibits, workshops, debates and conferences will take place throughout these 3 days in the "G-world environmental village". A peace march will take place in Angers, in the afternoon of Saturday, April 26th and will finish with music and theatre events.

We need an alternative world. Let's build it together. Come to Angers to the "G-world environment" from April the 25th to the 27th.

Your contributions to "G-world for the environment"

If you can't be there, send any contributions by letter or e-mail ! Just one thing - they must fit on A4 ! Anything's welcome : suggestions, criticisms, personal involvement, poetry, artwork - whatever you like ! These can all be incorporated into the events, whether as posters, actors' script or projected material. A handbook of these contributions, as well as a summary of the debates, will be published.

Send your contributions to : [email protected] Don't forget to send your name and address ! G-monde environnement 1rue Bardoul 49000 ANGERS-FRANCE  For more information :

G Monde Environnement - 1 rue Bardoul 49100 ANGERS - Fax :    Tel bénévolat :
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